Yeah, we know it’s a little corny… but we think it’s important that you hear from some of those we’ve worked closely with over the past few years.
Here’s what our artists & clients think of us. There are video testimonials at the bottom.



Social Media Followers: 500,000+

"Before I started working with Ghostcraft, I felt frustrated with music because I could never find the right people to work with. LX Xander & his team essentially created a career path for me, and followed through on all his promises.

In addition to his high quality production on my tracks and his expertise mixing my vocals, LX brought in some amazing collaborators for my project and created industry multiple opportunities for me and my music.

Ghostcraft got trap legend Rick Ross on my single and took me to major record label offices in LA (Capitol & Interscope), all within just a few months of working together. We have recently signed a deal with a very reputable label in Los Angeles and my debut single is due for release very soon!

None of this would have been possible without LX Xander & Ghostcraft Music. Very grateful!"


Social Media Followers: 12,000+

"First and foremost, I would like to address LX Xander as the Dark Lord of Trap!

I came into contact with Ghostcraft just over a year ago... and it has been a beautiful journey ever since!

We have six dope collaboration beats together, they got me a feature with Juicy J and they have given me priceless knowledge about being a real producer, not just a beatmaker! They have helped me build my brand into a realistic source of income for me.

I look forward to working with Ghostcraft again and again in the near future!"


Social Media Followers: 10,000+

"I was introduced to Ghostcraft a little over a year ago and one of the best moves I made was to take the opportunity to learn from them.

In addition to aiding me in building my brand, they tremendously helped me improve my production skills, hone my sound, expand my skill sets and has provided specific and important insights into marketing your music and how the new age of the music business works. Their consistency and professionalism are second to none.

If you are an artist or producer and you are looking for someone to help you navigate your music career, you need look no further than Ghostcraft."


Social Media Followers: 15,000+

"I've been working with Ghostcraft for over a year, and they’ve consistently worked to help me get where I'm trying to go. They’ve been flexible and really worked with me on anything I needed help with.

They were able to get me on tracks alongside major artists like Wiz Khalifa & Future, without it totally breaking the bank."


Social Media Followers: 70,000+

"There is literally nobody in this business that does branding as well as LX Xander at Ghostcraft. I’ve never seen anyone create such a distinct CULT-ure of fans and customers that love & religiously follow everything he does.

He knows how to actually make an impact on the music career of the people he works with. If you have an opportunity to be one of those people, you should jump on it, right away!"



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