LX Xander

Emerging from the catacombs of the UK, spooky producer LX Xander is as mysterious as he is unique; with a swiftly growing social media empire, he is founder & CEO of Ghostcraft πŸ‘»

With other producers already imitating his original style (just tap 'LX Xander Type Beat' into a YouTube search and see for yourself), LX is carving out his own spooky niche.

After producing Iowa rapper HighRise's 'The Red Room' featuring Hopsin & Yaydo (which got over 200,000 Spotify streams in less a month and now sits at over 1 million across major distribution platforms), he swiftly followed up with Yaydo's trap single β€˜Insurgents’ featuring Future; he then produced two tracks on D. Lynch’s album β€˜1985’, featuring Wiz Khalifa (co-produced with Canada’s Sentury Status) and Royce Da 5’9 respectively.

He also co-produced the track 'Homewrecker' for hip hop veteran KXNG Crooked (Crooked I, of Slaughterhouse), that appeared on the Billboard charting album (#1 Billboard Heatseeker Albums, #9 Rap Album Sales, #11 Independent Albums, #13 Hip-Hop/R&B. #16 Digital Albums, #51 Top Current Albums, #54 Album Sales and #156 on the Billboard 200) 'The Hoodlum Ball', a rap masterclass that also features Riff RaffChino XLLil Windex and CyHi The Prynce. May 2018 saw the release of 'Spark It Up', featuring Gucci Mane, which LX co-produced with Dizzie Dayze and 'Hunnit' featuring indie powerhouse Hi-Rez.

There was also the ill-fated 2017 single 'Afterlife' featuring none other than Snoop Dogg, which was unfortunately lost in a flurry of legal issues with the label; however, if you search hard enough for it online, you may just be able to track down a couple of (very complimentary) press articles about it and even a streaming link...

Below is a playlist of a few songs produced by LX Xander:


LX Xander has also released his very own music software: SPOOKER VST, a plugin designed specifically for creating dark trap music. With SPOOKER, budding producers can incorporate elements of LX's signature sound into their own productions. It's available for purchase at reputable music production megastore Modern Producers.

In addition to his musical achievements, LX Xander has a deep and powerful connection with his followers. Many fans have had his symbol (or 'sigil' as he often refers to it) tattooed onto their bodies. LX's relationship with his fans extends further than just an appreciation for his music - he has taken the role of a 'cult leader', with the values he represents (turning inner darkness into a powerful ally) resonating deeply with many. This 'cult' following extends all across the globe, as far as South Africa. You can read more about the cult following LX has created at demonsintoallies.com and check out the Instagram feed for @demonsintoallies below:

One of LX's proudest projects is Instagram superstar Angela Mazzanti; already a hugely successful model & public figure in Los Angeles, LX is now helping her to transition into a bona fide hip hop artist. Having been a rapper on the low for years, Angela can more than compete with the majority of her peers on the mic. Mazzanti's debut single 'We So Mob' featuring trap legend Rick Ross was released through Cleopatra Records and featured on WorldStar. Her follow up record featuring Caskey also appeared on WorldStar. Check them out below.


And the achievements just keep rolling in; on Halloween 2018, the track 'Ubetcha' by Yaydo (co-produced by LX) was featured on Black Ink Crew on VH1, bringing our spooky producer prodigy his first major television credit. Soon after followed a placement on 2Chainz’s Viceland show β€˜Most Expensivest’ and a second Black Ink Crew placement.

February saw the release of LX’s trap rock remix of the classic Alien Ant Farm cover of β€˜Smooth Criminal’ featuring rap vocals from HighRise, through Cleopatra Records, to much acclaim.

A big Michael Jackson fan, LX also released a trap remix of MJ’s β€˜Billie Jean’ (he got ahold of the original studio stems, omg) which was featured on the HUGE YouTube trap channel Trap Music Now. Then, in September 2019, they hosted the premiere of LX & King Wizard’s dark trap remix of Melanie Martinez’s β€˜Pity Party’. Everyone liked them.

Links are below…


Having already been featured in HuffPostThe SourceHype Magazine & RESPECT Magazine, LX's infamy is rapidly growing.

Jump on board... offer your soul πŸ˜ˆ


Press List:

Snoop Dogg Discography Wikipedia mention:
(scroll down, look for 'Afterlife')

Billboard Charting Album 'The Whoodlum Ball', track feat. KXNG CROOKED:


Hopsin feat:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7qc9rkUQvM (1.6 mil streams on Spotify)

Future feat:

Gucci Mane feat (on Gucci's official youtube topic):

Snoop stream:

Reel Wolf 'Blood Moon' release ft. Raekwon, my name mentioned on track ft. Sean Strange & Madchild:

Black Ink Crew (VH1) Placement:

2Chainz’s Most Expensivest (VICELAND) Placement:

2nd Black Ink Crew (VH1) Placement:

Hype Mag:

The Source:

Respect Mag:

WorldStar release ft. Rick Ross:

WorldStar release ft. Caskey:

Famous Birthdays:



Hype Mag/Snoop Dogg:

Track ft. Hi-Rez:


Alien Ant Farm Remix (official release through Cleopatra Records):

Billie Jean Remix (hosted on Trap Music Now):

Melanie Martinez β€˜Pity Party’ Remix (hosted on Trap Music Now):