Ghostcraft Listening Parties


The music industry is supposed to be fun, right…?

That’s what we think, anyway.

Usually hosted at our Ghostcraft HQ in Glendale (though we have been known to kick it elsewhere), our Ghostcraft Listening Parties have become something of legend. Once a month, we invite our esteemed friends & collaborators to come hang out with us and check out the very best of the music & projects we’ve been working on over the past few weeks.

We party, we talk business, we party… you get the idea.

The parties are invite only - and please don’t go blowing up our inbox trying to get in. If you’re invited, you’re invited.
If you’re not… well, you’re not. But maybe one day.

Boasting a perfect balance between work and play, we take a lot of pride in our listening parties. See you at the next one. Or not.